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AEB Robotics is a Business unit of AEB Technologies S.p.a,established in 2003, develops and manufactures industrial automation systems characterized by high precision and repeatability, and extremely easy to program and use.

Due to its experience on assembling process and its control on mechanical engineering and  realization,  AEB Robotics  is able to comply with  customer’s needs for  realization and development of product assembly lines. Modular applications are the solution to minimize  machine timing, with a minimum assembly line dimension.

Starting from a specific request from a customer, AEB Robotics carries out a feasibility analysis,  designs the machine and realize the application, always maintaining a close cooperation with the customer during all stages.

AEB Robotics develops industrial robotic assembly systems

AEB Robotics develops industrial robotic assembly systems, designed to ensure utmost flexibility of both the station itself and of the automated line to which they belong. The machines have user-friendly interfaces. Their costs are sustainable even by small businesses, which are thus able to afford partial or complete automation systems according to their needs. The product is 100% made in Italy, from design, parts supply and assembly, through to customer assistance.

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AEB Robotics è una divisione di AEB Tecnology spa , fondata nel 2003, che sviluppa e produce sistemi di automazione industriale caratterizzati da elevata precisione e ripetibilità, ed estremamente facili da programmare e utilizzare.

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