Cutting Radial Feeder

Cutting Radial Feeder
Customer request :  insertion  THT components; dedicated application for  model  YC8 Yamaha pick and place.

A Solution of AEB Robotics: This application, developed for a specific customer required, is a feeder for THT 

components not possible to supply with standard feeder.
The component is supplied on a tape reel.  The feeder cut the component (capacitors, varistors, transistors, LEDs, inductors, mosfets)  and the support  tape at the same time.
Supply Is for a single part  already in position, orientation and correct length  
suitable for mounting on the PCB with a picking nozzle. This action is done with a very short cycle time  and high repeatability.

Application development: radial feeder having a built-in mechanical feed device for component  with controlled rotation of lead screw (cochlea). This solution allows to Pick and place to pick up ready-made components without waiting for the cutting of the pin, with the vacuum technique or via a gripper.
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