Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Customer request :  Request is to have machineries extremely fast, to  do picking operations on breakable boards pcb. No handling by the operator during the process was required.

A Solution of AEB Robotics: Double Gantry robot with separation stations of the board from the panel and repositioning in blister

Application development: Inside the robot  was added to two sliding holders for the boards separation from the panel.
When the boards were separated, are placed on a  custom-made Holder housing ready for a gripper picking.
The Holder are placed on a work surface with centering pins for a correct  substitution / repositioning and a system of mechanical polarization of the panel
The blisters are positioned on the right side, we have provided a sensor for the color recognition to highlight the loading operation and the presence of the piece.
During the path from the work surface to the blister, the sampling head passes over a dedicate point use to clean the particular with the air ( vacuum technique).
Board separation from the panel takes place in a single step, making them ready to pick for the final positioning

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